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Accounting software is an old, broken, negative NPS industry. It’s the only software product used by every company in the world that hasn’t seen any change over the last 30 years.

It’s so bad that people use every possible export tool to avoid opening Quickbooks/Netsuite or SAP. They’re slow and dreadful to work with.

We know why. The best designers and developers don’t dream about building accounting software, it’s unsexy compared to shiny consumer, dev-tools or other products they’re familiar with. It’s hard to build and when your product makes mistakes companies lose money or die.

So we gave up on it. Time went on and 20 years later we’ve kind of accepted and forgotten it resulting in no new products on the market.

Modernbanc exists to change that. ****We’re a group of people with unique combination of experience building banks, accounting systems and beautiful high-performance interfaces.


We're backed by Global Founders Capital, Unusual Ventures, Soma Capital, Backend Capital, Socially Financed and and a handful of amazing investors from fintechs like Secureframe, Brex and SoFI.


Software Engineer

Hiring process:

We know as a candidate you are also busy and promise to move quickly.

  1. Initial 20m call with the founder.. We'll tell you about the company and hear your story and if there is a good mutual fit.
  2. Second 30m call with one of our founding engineers. We'll ask more detailed technical and scenario-based questions.
  3. Paid day with the team. You'll be given one or two small tasks that will be similar to what you'll encounter in the role.
  4. Final decision

We take <48hrs between each stage and can give an offer within a week.